What is the Sample Tracker?

When you’re ready to begin, tap Sample Tracker. For every customer, complete a
form noting their gender and age range. Do not ask, but guess to the best of your
ability. If a customer appears 35 or younger, ask for ID before serving an alcoholic beverage. Choose if the customer sampled, did not sample, or if you did not engage with them. The icons on the top left show total completed forms and bottles sold.

For customers who sampled, indicate whether they liked, disliked, or were neutral towards the product. Tap Continue. If the customer purchased the product, indicate the quantity. Tap Done.

For customers that did not sample, tap a reason: not drinking, not interested in the category, or other.

For customers you did not speak to, tap Did Not Engage.

To complete the form, tap Done, and once the activation is complete, exit the sample tracker