How do I access, edit or search for Accounts?

On the left hand navigation, below Performance Tracking, click on the accounts menu to access Accounts, Account Sets and Preferences.

The Accounts page shows your account universe as designated by the depletion data submitted to Overproof, and any account sets created by you or your team.

The account list includes account name, type, user, sold status, last reported sale, fulfillment and premise analysis. 

TIP: Accounts with a red bar to the left require attention, while accounts with a blue bar to the left are healthy.

Click Show Map to change from list view to map view. 

Use the search bar at the top of a page to search accounts by name and keywords. 
Filter by account type, account status, premise type, ownership, venue type, location, brands and products, users, fulfillment status and sold status.  

Click an account to view or edit the profile and contacts; products including menu fit, menu matching criteria and sold status; commitments including date, product, size, quantity, user and status; activities including date, name, program, product, activity type, user and status; and reports.