What do I do if there's no signal or WiFi at the venue?

Learn how to use the Tastings app in offline mode when you have unstable or no cell service.

  1. Check in through the app before going into the venue. If this does not work, text Todd to notify him of your arrival.

  2. Switch to airplane mode for the duration of the activation and complete each task. As you complete each task, you must select Complete to save your work. DO NOT select the back arrow, Complete Activation or close the app at any time as it will erase all data logged offline.
  3. Take your phone off airplane mode after you've left the venue and have service. The app will need a few minutes to sync the data collected during the event.
  4. Once the sync is complete, you can select Complete Activation to check out.
    DO NOT close the app until you have completed the checkout and finished the activation.
  5. As a backup, fill out the printed sheets to complete the activation manually.

    Make sure to take pictures with your phone of the following:
    - The brand(s) you are sampling
    - The brands shelf placement 
    - Competitors (2)
    - Your receipt if you had to purchase product

    Send all notes and photos from the activation to Todd within 24 hours of the activation.
If you have any questions or need immediate support, text the customer support team at +1 (833) 766 0970.