The Activities Workspace Overview

Activities are sales and marketing-related actions that contribute to the promotion of products and brands. Scheduling an activity creates a workflow that will assist you in the execution of that activity.

On the activity page, you can see how many activities you have in progress, and where you stand in the planning process for each.

You can also:

  • access a full list of upcoming activities,
  • filter activities by type, brand or product, and venue type,
  • sort by date, proximity to the user’s current location, or venue name,
  • see which have tasks that are overdue,
  • create a new activity including the account, product, type, name, start and end date and time, contacts, and notes.

By clicking on an upcoming activity, you can:

  • access account and activity details, and edit details,
  • and see which tasks have been marked as complete toward the completion of the activity, and which tasks are still pending.