The Accounts Workspace Overview

Accounts are on- and off-premise venues, and can either be owned (by you), company-owned (assigned to one of your team members), or not owned (by anyone in your company).

The Accounts page allows you to access your owned accounts, company accounts and potential accounts, with the ability to filter and sort them, and gain valuable insights that will help you with account targeting and prioritization.

You can:
  • view Accounts by list or map,
  • filter accounts based on ownership (my accounts, company accounts, potential accounts), or by brand and product, premise type, venue type, segment, fulfillment status and sold status,
  • and sort by venue name.

By selecting an account, you’ll be taken to the Account Detail page, where you can:

  • view account name and date of last visit (if applicable),
  • run a new menu and bar analysis, or promotional item survey, or access previously run reports,
  • view account address, open hours, website, and customer reviews,
  • view account contact list and initiate a call,
  • and submit commitments including product, size, quantity and delivery date, with the option to include a note to the user’s manager or distributor, or add any valuable information in the notes section.