How do I run a venue survey and menu analysis at an account?

To run a menu analysis:

  1. From the home screen tap Accounts on the bottom right. This will pull up a map view of your accounts. Then tap on the account you want to analyze.

  2. Tap the New Venue Survey button. 

  3. You can analyze physical or QR code menus.

    1. For physical menus, tap the first option and take a photo of each menu page, then tap Done. On the next screen you can review your images, and rotate, delete, or add additional images. Then tap Done.

    2. For QR code menus, tap the second option. First, scan the QR code. When the menu appears, take screenshots of the beverage menu using the bottom center button. Then tap Review to review or delete images, then tap Done.

  4. In the style survey, use the toggles to rate the menu style.

    1. Rate the percentage of local brands on the menu, from none to all
    2. Rate the split between mainstream and craft brands on the menu,
    3. And rate the split between value and premium brands, then tap continue. 
  5. Lastly, in the permitted branding survey, identify whether the venue allows branding on the listed items. You can say yes, no, or unknown if you are not sure.

  6. Tap Done, then tap Done a second time to submit your three surveys.

  7. Now your menu analysis will show as generating. In just a few moments, it will say “open”, and you’ll be able to click on it to access the report.