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What do I do if I can't see any Tastings on the app?

If you do not see your schedule on the app, there are three possible reasons. Below are the reasons along with the solutions to solve them.

1) Wrong user name used to log in. Go to the top right hand corner of the screen to the icon. Click on it and select "Personal Information". Does it show your email address? If it does not, log out and log back in again using your email address and password. 

2) The app is outdated. You may have to install the most recent version of the app. Check the app store for updates. If it's not the most current, delete the app and download it again from the app store. Now try opening the app again.

3) Phone's location services are off. Go into your Privacy settings and make sure location services are turned on for the Tastings app. Select and toggle to turn on “While Using the App” If available, toggle “Precise Location” to “On”.