How do I export a sales report by order fulfillment type or time range?

Learn how to export a sales report by order fulfillment type, including Dine In, Pick Up or Delivery, or for a specific time range.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard tab.
  2. Select the dropdown for Order Fulfillment Type, and choose Dine In, Pick Up, Delivery or Any if you would like to view all three types. 
  3. Select the dropdown for Time Range, and choose either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Range to select a specific range. 
  4. Select the next dropdown to input the specific day, week, month or time range you would like the report for.
  5. Navigate to the Dashboard tab and select the Order Report tab below.
  6. Click Download CSV Report on the top right corner of the screen. Your report will download to your computer to the Downloads folder.