How can I add ingredients to a cocktail?

Learn how to add ingredients to an existing cocktail on your menu.


  1. Navigate to the Food & Beverage tab on your merchant portal.

  2. Under the Menu Builder tab, select the category and then click on the cocktail you want to add ingredients to.

  3. In the item details menu, under the ingredients section, select the down arrow under product, or + Add Ingredient.

  4. Type the product name to search the database and select the product you are looking for.

    Please note: Brands tagged with a green dot and labeled 'Partners' are the suppliers currently interested in working with you on a Sixdots cocktail program. 

  5. Add in the amount of the product that is included per cocktail and select the unit type (count, dash, drop, oz, milliliter, tsp).

  6. Click Done with Ingredients when you're done adding all ingredients.
  7. Click Save Item to save your changes.