What can I see on the performance tracking dashboard?

The Performance Tracking dashboard is the homepage. There are three tabs that will give you a quick view on the status of your team goals, activities and commitments in real time.


1. Goals

View goals including name, goal set, users, progress and days left. 
Filter options include user, goal frequency type (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually), goal set and goal type (activity goal or performance goal.)
Click on a goal to view activities that have counted toward that goal.


2. Activities

View activities including completion date and time, user, activity type, account name and user notes.
Filter options include date range, user, product, account and action type. 
Click on an activity to view any notes and additional information.
Click Download Report to export activities to a spreadsheet file, according to the currently selected filters.


3. Commitments
View commitments including deliver by date, account, user, committed by and products. Click the arrow next to delivery date to sort by date. 
Filter options include date range, field user, product, distributor and status.