How do I create, view or edit account sets?

Account Sets is one of Overproof’s most impressive features and can be found directly beneath Accounts in the navigation menu. Here, you can search our venue database to create account sets manually or automatically based on the filtering parameters you select!

TIP: When a new Distribution State is set up, a Target & Retention Account Set is automatically created, which can be edited or customized. The sets will appear here.

To create an Account Set, click Add A Set.  

1. Enter account set name and description (optional). 
2. Select account set type (target or retention), source (start from scratch, define by territory and filters, or depletion data), and refresh preferences (automatic or manual).
3. Add filters including geographical parameters, ownership category and premise type. 
4. Click Calculate Accounts to view the initial count of accounts within the set. 
5. Continue to narrow or expand the list by adding or removing filters.

Additional filters include:
Account: premise category and cuisine
Menu: product and cocktail family presence
Assign users and enable further editing of the account set in app. 

6. When ready, click Generate Accounts.
It may take a moment for the list to generate. You will be returned to the account set page and receive a notification on the bell icon at the top right corner once the set is ready. 


To view or edit an account set, click the set to be taken to the account page, where you may add or remove individual accounts.

To delete or duplicate an account set, select the three dot icon.