How do I create a Tastings Program?

To create a Tastings Program, click the t icon on the left-side navigation menu. On the Programs screen, click Create New Program on the top right, and complete each section.

  1. General Info:
    • Input the program name, description, run dates, activation duration, the number of activations and program budget (optional).
  2. Products:
    • Click Add a Product and select the product. You can also select competitors to be included in a store survey of competing products.
    • Indicate a short name to appear in the app, and click Add Product to save. Click Add a Cocktail to include a cocktail or serve.
  3. Preferences:
    • In preferences, you can check and uncheck tasks for talent to perform. 
      • Store survey - Collect inventory, pricing, promo pricing, and
        photos of your product and competitors.
      • Workstation Survey - Records in-store location, materials used, and setup photos.
      • Sample Tracker - Gathers demographics, sampling feedback, and tracks conversions for each consumer.
      • Store Manager Review - Enables managers to verify event details as reported by talent.
      • Talent Feedback - Allows talent to provide feedback on the event, location, customer comments, and more.
  4. Talent Instructions:
    • Add details that will help talent execute the event according to your brand standards.
    • Use the drop-down menu to list which materials the talent should bring such as a branded tablecloth or gift items. Click I don’t see it in the list to add an item.
    • Select the preferred in-store location from the drop-down menu. Add a link to any educational materials or brand videos, a dress code and additional notes that will help the talent execute a successful event.