How do I add or edit a brand and product?

This article will share how to add or modify brands, products, SKUs (carrier, case and container)

You will see a list of your company’s brands. Ensure all brands have been added. To add a new brand, click Add a New Brand. To make edits to an existing brand, hover over the brand name and click the pencil icon. Either option will open a page with three sections: 

Brand Name:  If there are errors, please contact your CSM. Distribution States: Select or deselect distribution states. Products: Add or edit products. 

Add a product: 

  1. Click Add a Product.
  2. Add the product name, ABV, distribution states and container, carrier and case SKUs.
    1. Products must have a Container SKU to have carrier or case SKUs.
Add Container SKU:
  1. Click Add New SKU.
  2. Enter a custom name, container type and container size.
  3. The short display name, COLA ID, UPC code, and EAN fields are optional.
  4. For multiple product sizes, add multiple Container SKUs. 
  5. Click save.

Add Carrier SKU: These SKUs pertain to abstract SKU formats and may be unnecessary. If you are uncertain if your product needs a Carrier SKU, contact your CSM. 

Add a Case SKU: 

  1. Click Add New SKU. Enter a custom name.
  2. Select a container, carrier or case SKU to append this SKU to. 
  3. Enter units per case and select case type. UPC Code and EAN are optional. 
  4. Add any additional case pack sizes (i.e. 3pk, 6pk, 12pk)
  5. Click save product.

Edit a product:

  1. Hover over the product name and click the pencil icon.
  2. Edit product name, distribution, container, carrier and/or case SKUs