How do I add or deactivate a user?

Click on the Overproof icon on the left hand navigation menu, click people, then click users. 

To add a user, click Add User. 
Add a first and last name, email address and phone number. 
Add the user’s title, set permissions and add hierarchy.
Assign products, account sets and goal sets to the user. 
Click Save. 

The new user will receive a welcome email with login directions.

To edit or deactivate a user, click the user’s name.
All details are editable with the exception of email address. 
User accounts may be deactivated and/or reactivated at any time by using the green slider on the right hand side of the page.


***Overproof is billed by total number of users. Each base package includes 1 admin user and 2 field users, therefore, adding additional users may increase your monthly subscription. If you are uncertain about how many seats remain in your subscription or if you would like to add more, reach out to your CSM.


TIP: Admin users get access to the web-based portal while field users get access to the phone-based app.