How do I activate coupons?

Learn how to activate coupons for a select time range, and add a code and description through the merchant portal. 

To activate or deactivate a coupon:

  1. Navigate to the Coupons tab and select Add New Coupon.
  2. Select the percentage discount, which is created through the POS system. You can only apply one discount per coupon at a time. 
  3. Type the unique code guests should use when applying the coupon at check out.
    TIP: if the coupon imported from the POS is labeled ITEM 10%, and you would like to use this for a Mother's Day coupon, you could make the code MOM10
  4. Turn on Active and select the date the coupon Expires On. You can also select the date it should become active on by selecting the date under Effective On.
  5. Select Save